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A Guide to Conquering Amazon Badges from Reviewer to Top Seller

In the vast world of eCommerce, trust is a key. Amazon’s customer-centric strategy seeks to reassure buyers and allow sellers to establish credibility.badges act as trust signals, helping customers find the products they’re looking for. These badges boost your product’s visibility and credibility, increasing sales.

As a testament to Amazon’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the company offers seller badges, Amazon’s Choice, and digital badges that decorate seller profiles. A badge is more than just an icon; it signals to buyers that a particular seller is trustworthy.

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Getting to know Amazon badges:

There are two main categories of Amazon badges:

  1.    Best Seller:Amazon introduced the #1 bestseller badge a few years ago. In the top-left corner of a product page, you’ll see the orange ribbon icon awarded to top sellers. Customers can use this badge to determine which products have a high ranking in terms of sales.

Initially, Amazon only displayed the badge for one Seller per category. Each category now has 100 best sellers. Because some subcategories have little competition, you may only be able to see some bestsellers.

 Products consistently performing well in sales and popularity within a specific category are awarded the Best Seller badge. From the large overall categories (like Sports & Outdoors) to the more granular ones (such as Backpacking Tents, under Sports & Outdoors).

A product with this badge may even appear in irrelevant search results within the category once it has it. It would help if you had a consistent sales history and high sales velocity to win the bestseller badge.

Here’s how to get the Best Seller badge:

Best Seller badges are awarded based on sales, and only on sales. Amazon Best Sellers are exactly that: the items that sell the most in a category. Reviews and feedback from sellers will not directly move you up the rankings.

What do I need to do to earn the best seller badge?

Winning the best seller badge requires optimization, pricing, category, and advertising. Here are the steps you need to take to earn the best seller badge. You must earn the badge by selling a high volume of products. Your sales will increase as a result of these steps.

Optimize Your Listing:

Make sure you thoroughly research Amazon keywords before creating your product listing so you know precisely what search phrases customers are using. Use those keywords in your product’s title, description, and bullet points.

Images are also vital on Amazon. Hiring a skilled graphic designer to create beautiful graphics for you is always a wise investment. Adding A+ material to your listing might also help you sell more if you’re using a Brand Registry.

You must conduct extensive keyword research to create an optimized product listing. As a result, you can better understand your shoppers’ behaviour.


It is essential to consider your price tag when competing in a marketplace like Amazon.

Lowering your price for high-cost products is not ideal, as buyers might get the wrong impression. However, ensure your pricing is competitive, favours potential buyers, and allows you to profit after Amazon charges its seller fees.

Strategy for advertising:

For high-conversion listings, active advertising is the way to go. Sitting around and waiting for people to search for your products is not enough. Advertise on Amazon pay-per-click to the right demographic. Advertise your product in front of people searching for similar products. Competitors with high rankings often stop using PPC advertising because they get complacent. A well-timed PPC campaign can make Amazon product rankings irrelevant. Ads people like will matter more than search results if they see them. When your sales rise, so will the organic ranking. Use Amazon PPC advertising to gain an advantage.

Ratings and reviews from customers:

More buyers will trust your brand to purchase your products when they have a good review on your seller account and product.

You will receive ratings and feedback from customers after they buy from you. When they purchase from you, they will leave reviews about the transaction, shipping, communication, and other aspects.

You also receive feedback from buyers after they purchase a product from you. You will be able to see the product reviews on your product detail page, which helps other buyers determine the quality of your product.

Ensure your seller account is free of bad reviews that give potential buyers the impression of running away from your product even if you don’t get 5-star reviews from your customers.

An effective sales strategy

You can obtain leads as an Amazon merchant both naturally and by purchasing advertising. To keep ahead of your rivals, you can also use Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) for a sales campaign.

Amazon Choice badges:

Amazon’s Choice badges are awarded to products where Amazon determines the quality and popularity of the product. Amazon uses it to help shoppers choose your product from other listings on the page. You cannot apply for or purchase an Amazon Choice badge. Instead, Amazon awards it based on its algorithm.

While Amazon does not offer detailed instructions, by following these rules, you can increase the chance that your product will be awarded an Amazon Choice badge. Optimizing your product listings is one of the most important steps towards earning an Amazon’s Choice certification.

You should know that earning an Amazon Choice badge doesn’t guarantee your product will succeed. It can, however, help build customer trust and increase Amazon visibility for your product.

Here’s how to get an Amazon Choice badge:

There are specific criteria for earning the Amazon’s Choice Badge. The following criteria are required:


Offer your consumers the option to leave reviews and ratings for the product. The chance that a product will receive the Amazon’s Choice badge can be greatly increased by ratings and reviews. After your audience has made a purchase, get in touch with them again to request ratings and reviews. These reviews Customers must rate your product with at least four stars. Before awarding the badge, Amazon wants to ensure customers are satisfied with the product.

Relevance: You must have a product that closely matches the terms the customer seeks. Making sure customers can swiftly and easily locate what they’re looking for is Amazon’s goal.

Shipping is free with Prime: Always verify that your inventory levels are accurate and that you can fulfil orders as quickly as possible. Your product must be available for shipping. Customers want to receive Amazon products quickly.

You will be able to receive free two-day shipping on your orders if you are a Prime member. On orders of $25 or more, free delivery is still available to non-members. In addition, you can receive free two-day shipping by registering for a 30-day free trial of Prime.

Customer feedback: If you receive unfavourable comments from your clients, reply in a kind and professional manner. Offer an apology and explain how you will address the issue. If necessary, you can also provide a free replacement or a refund. Thank the customer for their feedback once again and advise them to get in touch with you if they have any other questions or issues.

Provide in-depth product information:

If you want people to know what to expect before buying your product, make sure you’re including that information on Amazon.

Amazon allows you to describe your product in the title, bullet points, description, images, and more Products that show complete product information are Amazon’s choice items.

Best Seller Badge vs. Amazon’s Choice:

Amazon Choice is one of the many badges in town. You’ll see the “Best Seller” badge in product search and listings. What makes the difference?

Best Seller badges are based on product categories rather than keywords.

When you hover over the Best Seller badge on product listings, you will see which product category the product belongs to.

Best Seller Badge on Amazon:

Amazon Choice vs. Best Seller is more than just a comparison. It is important to note that the Amazon Best Seller badge does not necessarily mean a product has a lot of sales, but only that it is the best match for a target keyword.

Traffic, sales, and social proof will likely be enhanced by either the Amazon Choice or Best Seller badges. Best Seller is an excellent second prize, but Amazon’s Choice is more beneficial.

Do you want an Amazon badge?

Understand that much of the work comes from basic Amazon principles before you chase Amazon badges and recognition. Several factors are to be considered, including pricing, availability, and listing optimization. Badges can only be earned if your product has SEO-rich keywords, detailed images and information (so that customers know what they’re getting and leave good reviews), and compelling content that converts customers.

Lastly, if you’re not advertising, you’ll have a more challenging time getting that Amazon’s Choice badge (based on keyword conversions).

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