Ibrahim Tarique

About Us

We develop marketing campaigns that are growth-oriented and make a positive impact on businesses online. It helps Amazon sellers find the best and most experienced service providers.

Our agency supports brands through marketplace management and performance advertising. With over $1B in revenue managed for our clients, we'll help your brand from click to ship, scaling your brand's sales across Amazon and Tiktok shop retail.

Our Promise

We handle our clients with the same integrity and decency that we expect from ourselves. We promise to work with our clients in an open and sincere manner. Anything that is beyond our ability, we won’t take on. We only take on jobs we can manage so that we may give our best effort.

Our Amazon Brand Management Approach

Providing Amazon Marketing Services that are Honest, Goal-Driven & Modern

Full Service Representation

Our team comprises experts in retail strategy, Amazon marketplace analysis, and ecommerce and brand strategy. We combine our expertise in account management, technical support, copywriting, SEO, and strategy development.

With our vast experience and in-depth industry knowledge, we have developed several specialist teams that work together to streamline, manage and optimize product sales across global marketplaces.

Personalized strategies

A general answer is impossible. Keeping our fundamental values of trust, empowerment, friendliness, and innovation at the forefront ensures that everything we do is fair and honest. 

 We are experienced industry professionals with a global reach committed to giving our clients outstanding results by going against trends and accepting unconventional strategies. We design a proper road map to help our partners go where they want to go.

Foundational Partnership

Strong relationships are more important to us than anything else. With our deep relationship with Amazon, we provide our clients with unprecedented access to our brand partners.

Technology & human touch

Our team combines technology insights with human experience to build your brand. We scale opportunities using GOALKeeper, our support team’s tool. In addition to machine learning, your brand will benefit from an experienced team that understands nuances that tech cannot.

We are proud of our people

8 Years

Amazon experience on average within our leadership team

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