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Why do you need to optimize your listings?

It takes Work to rank your products well on Amazon. If you want to improve sales and ranking, you can’t just rely on PPC ads. A+ Content, SEO, and product images are some things we optimize. Our team ensures your products are updated with the latest information once you have approved them. 

We also manage inventory, pricing, fulfillment channels, and promotions to improve your CTR and CVR. Put your best foot forward to build customer confidence, quality, and reliability. You can do this through your product listings.

Increase listing visibility

It is only possible to determine some factors for Amazon’s ranking algorithm. Listing optimization will improve your product’s visibility by placing relevant keywords and copy in Amazon’s crowded aisles.

Drive more sales

You can expect shoppers to want to learn more about your listing and purchase when it has engaging information and graphics. You keep the discovery flywheel spinning by feeding potential customers the correct information about your product.

Build brand trust

No matter what’s on your Brand’s Storefront or Product Listing Page, it’s essential that shoppers feel confident about your company. Consistent branding elements help customers remember companies more efficiently and perceive them as legitimate.

What can our Listing Optimization team do for you?

Ibrahimtarique.com manages Vendor (1P) and Seller (3P) accounts as part of our Full Service Account Management. We offer account setup, optimization, marketing, listing management, customer service, analytics & reporting, financials & accounting, and more. We aim to enhance your product’s visibility and conversion by conveying your brand message through text and visuals.

Keyword Research

Before optimizing your listings, our experts conduct keyword research by analyzing competitors, looking up reverse ASINs, and identifying backend search terms.

Copy Writing

Our experts will optimize product titles, bullets, and descriptions based on the content of your listings. Also, we will create A+ content copy for product images.

Product Listing Images

Excellent and clear images are also part of what makes a listing attractive to customers. Our experts will design 5-7 benefit images, resize main and swatch images, research images (if required), and develop illustrations (if needed).

Premium A+ Content Design

A+ can be added to product listing pages by brands that have registered. The creative team will sketch the structure, optimize the dimensions, and deliver a mockup that encapsulates your Brand’s look and feel. Our goal is to strengthen and increase awareness of our Brand to boost conversation rates.

Brand Story

The Brand Story feature allows brands to share their identity, values, essential information, and products with their customers. Customers can browse a carousel of brand cards with a central image and description.

Listing Translation

If poorly translated Amazon listings, you can drive customers away from your international expansion. Despite 60% of customers ignoring inaccurate or unappealing translations, you should cater to non-English speakers. In addition to creating localized listings, Pathfinder optimizes each marketplace with custom keyword research.

Flat Files

We can also assist you with creating flat files, organizing and setting product variations, checking flat file errors via Amazon Check My File, and uploading flat files to Seller Central.

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